EXIT: The Game – Kids – Jungle of Riddles | Brainteasers |Kid’s Activity| Kid’s Cooperative Game | Quick Game | Kids Activity

Price: $17.95 - $15.81
(as of Jun 08,2023 14:32:11 UTC – Details)

You can hardly believe your luck! First, you discovered a previously unknown island. And now, deep in the jungle, you have found nine mysterious treasure chests! But this is no ordinary island — you have landed on the island of riddles, where the jungle animals are guarding the treasures. You must solve their tricky puzzles before you can open the chests. What are you waiting for? Crack the riddles together and win the treasure!
Replayable and includes several different kinds of escape room style puzzles and brainteasers
Explore the jungle and help the animals complete different tasks in this card based light weight game
The game is best for 1-4 players but can be played with more
Language independent cards make the game playable for kids big and small

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