Disney Encanto, House of Charms Cute Easy Family Board Game with Magic Tokens Based on The Movie, for Kids Ages 5 and Up

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(as of Jun 08,2023 16:17:31 UTC – Details)

From Disney’s newest movie, this children’s board game will soon become the new family favorite. The world of Encanto is waiting for you and your kids. The unique look and magical game play are the perfect addition to your living room shelf for family game night. For all kids and adults ages 5 and up, all you need is 2-4 players to get started. Just like in the film, the magical Madrigal house is in danger of losing its magic! The whole family needs to help save the magic by placing charms all over. Abuela’s candle will brighten the more rooms of the house you can secure but will dim if the danger gets too close. Secure all rooms with charms before Abuela’s candle goes out. To play, cover the cracks of every room with charms. Cooperatively, secure all six rooms with charms while the candle in Abuela’s window is still lit and you’ve brought the magic back and won the game! This game is perfect to take to a friend’s house for a sleepover or weekend of fun. Plus, any Disney enthusiast would love this board game as a gift for birthdays, the holidays, and more.
KEEP THE MAGIC ALIVE: Your goal is to cover the cracks of every room with the charm tokens. This family activity is unlike any other, as the board game structure is in the form of a house!
COMBINE YOUR POWERS: All players work as a team to win the game, as you must secure the magic of all six rooms before the candle showing through’s Abuela’s window is extinguished.
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Includes: 7 House Panels, 1 Gameboard Base, 24 Charms, 2 Punch Sheets, 10 Stands, 1 Plastic Staircase (2 parts), 65 Action Cards, 1 Spinner, 1 Plastic Peg and Cap for Spinner, Instructions
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